We are committed to become a Quality Medical device provider, aiding Health care professionals and institutes to provide consistent and reliable patient care


We are associates of Wrangler Instruments (www.wranglersurgical.com) which are one of the largest exporter of Surgical Instruments out of Pakistan. Starting from a small workshop over 15 years, today Wrangler Instruments is an organization with over 600 employees and proudly exporting over 4 million units per year to its global customers.

Wrangler Instrument has focused solely on building and enhancing competencies to meet global quality standards. This has resulted in company achieving various ISO certification and possesses European CE and USFDA accreditations. Over the years company customer list includes some of the global institutes like UNICEF, WHO, USAID to name a few.


ANWRANGLER are associates of Wrangler Instruments, specialized to the US Market. We are proudly owned and operated in Houston, Texas. Our management team has been serving US healthcare for over 15 years.

We specialize in selling a wide range of General Surgical Instruments to Hospitals, Ambulatory Surgery Centers and Clinics throughout the United States.

We aim to create value for our stakeholders by combining local expertise and leveraging the experience and competencies of our globally recognized partner. Driven by our 3C philosophy, we are committed to supply High quality handcrafted medical devices to our clientele.


We aspire to provide a Perfect instrument - that is durable, thinner and lighter. This requires perfect metal to begin with. Our selection of the finest Japanese steel helps us to deliver our promise.

Japanese steel is known to possess extra ordinary strength, is lighter and is highly corrosion resistant. Moreover instruments made of Japanese steel holds its sharpness for a duration that surpasses most other alloys in the market.


At ANWRANGLER our craftsmen seeks new ways to enhance the quality of our instruments. This desire coupled with their mastery brought about the genius of TRIPLE FORGING™ process.

In each forging cycle, heated metal is beaten to recrystallize, eliminating impurities and unwanted air bubbles that become source of corrosion, resulting in a finer and stronger metal.

Our TRIPLE FORGED™ steel has perfect micro structure, continuous and finer grain and no impurities, giving it desired strength and making it Higher fatigue resistant, creating a highly satisfying experience.